About Us


When it comes to your business, it’s important to partner with a plumbing company that specializes in commercial, industrial, and institutional plumbing. If you live or work in the New York Suburbs or anywhere in Southern New York, that plumbing company is TWP Plumbing & Heating Inc. Since 1989, we’ve focused largely on serving local businesses, from corporate offices and retail shops to local Municipalities, health care facilities, and even government institutions. Our team of employees brings years of combined experience to your commercial project. We meet our client’s commercial plumbing needs by relying on a strong experienced management team and our highly trained plumbers to guide you through the planning, design and various construction phases of each project.

  • A long, proven track record
  • “Skin in the game” reliability and support
  • Experienced, licensed personnel
  • Greater value for a competitive price
  • Broad equipment and parts resources
  • Expert planning, estimating and attention to detail
  • On time and on budget
  • Free estimates
  • Excellent references